Friday, May 3, 2013

Ascension Mind Method - MetaSpiritual Ministry

We are told that "We are Spiritual beings having a "Human" experience," but we are born on Earth into a physical body.  

Then we are sent to school where we are educated, trained and taught to think and act like "Humans Beings". 

But imagine how different your life might be,  if you were educated, trained and taught to think and act like the "Spiritual Being" that you are!  

You could possibly achieve anything because Spirit is limitless! 

The Ascension Mind Method connects you to your Higher-Self to the Universal Mind! 

What is the Ascension Mind Method? 
The Ascension Mind Method gives you the ability to connect to your Higher-Self, your God-Self Higher Mind Consciousness and ascending energies, that can be used for manifesting and for transformation in a shorter amount of time because you are working with energy that is above the physical realm.  

Because your true nature is Spirit, when you learn to work with the energies of spirit that are within your natural realm, 
then you may find that you can easily transform your life. 

How am I qualified to assist you? 
I am a metaphysician doctorate level and have been teaching as a practitioner of the Ascension Mind Method since 1992 which I have taught for "Ascension Quest" at Mount Shasta, CA. 

Your Inner Higher-Self Mind, when activated, can help you in every area of your life. 

Your Higher-Self Mind knows all, sees all, guides you and protects you! 

You have a powerful Higher-Self Mind within you that you can use and I will teach you how!