Friday, May 3, 2013

Ascension Mind Method - MetaSpiritual Ministry

We are told that "We are Spiritual beings having a "Human" experience," but we are born on Earth into a physical body.  

Then we are sent to school where we are educated, trained and taught to think and act like "Humans Beings". 

But imagine how different your life might be,  if you were educated, trained and taught to think and act like the "Spiritual Being" that you are!  

You could possibly achieve anything because Spirit is limitless! 

The Ascension Mind Method connects you to your Higher-Self to the Universal Mind! 

What is the Ascension Mind Method? 
The Ascension Mind Method gives you the ability to connect to your Higher-Self, your God-Self Higher Mind Consciousness and ascending energies, that can be used for manifesting and for transformation in a shorter amount of time because you are working with energy that is above the physical realm.  

Because your true nature is Spirit, when you learn to work with the energies of spirit that are within your natural realm, 
then you may find that you can easily transform your life. 

How am I qualified to assist you? 
I am a metaphysician doctorate level and have been teaching as a practitioner of the Ascension Mind Method since 1992 which I have taught for "Ascension Quest" at Mount Shasta, CA. 

Your Inner Higher-Self Mind, when activated, can help you in every area of your life. 

Your Higher-Self Mind knows all, sees all, guides you and protects you! 

You have a powerful Higher-Self Mind within you that you can use and I will teach you how!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

about Marla LaRue

Welcome to Rev. Dr. Marla's MetaSpiritual Ministry.
Marla is a metaphysician doctorate with pastoral counseling and life coaching training. Marla invites you to learn with her how to use your inner abilities to enhance your everyday living. If you have ever been told that something is not possible for you, then talk to Marla for her insight.

Rev. Dr. Marla LaRue MScD is a University of Metaphysics metaphysician doctorate since 1995; an author, international teacher, speaker, lecturer; and a board certified pastoral counselor of the International Metaphysical Ministry with expertise in metaphysics, spiritual & biofield healing, spiritual crisis and meditation.

Marla is a practicing metaphysician and an intuitive counselor and consultant since 1992.

Marla enjoys helping people to heal on many levels (spiritual, mental, emotional & physical).

Marla can assist you using her Ascension Mind Method meditation with metaphysical analysis of your birth numbers , your dreams, spiritual rescue and healing work of  Archangels Metatron, and Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

Marla holds certifications as a reiki master teacher practitioner since 2002 and a master teacher of Magnified Healing since 1993. Since 1993 she has also been a Delphi University of Spiritual Studies medium and spiritual counselor. Marla is also a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, Numerology University numerologist and a Center for Personal Reinvention Life Optimization Coach.

Marla holds memberships with the International Metaphysical Ministry's Counseling Psychology Association and their American Metaphysical Doctors Association. Marla's other professional memberships have included: The International Association of Counselors & Therapists (1995); The American Society of Alternative Therapists (1995); and The American Federation of Astrologers, board Nominated member (1995).

Marla also taught metaphysical classes at The Lightbearer Institute of Reno, Nevada and Ascension Quest at Mount Shasta, California from 1995 to 1998.

Marla's Lectures:
* Ascension Mind Method and meditation to Empower Your Life and Business.

* Possible Causes of the Paranormal
* MetaSpiritual Living
* How to Instantly and Easily Know the Meaning of All Your Dreams.

* Reiki is Not Just for Healing: The Reiki Energy Advantage
* How to Unlock the Powers Hidden in Ancient Prayer.
* Enhancing Your Life With Essential Oils.
* The 7 Higher Consciousness Communications through the Higher Dimensions.

* Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner Weekend Intensive Certification..
* Kwan Yin's Magnified Healing (Quan Yin).
* Balancing Your Biofield and 7 Energetic Centers.

To contact Rev. Dr. Marla LaRue, please  call and leave message:  ( 845: 787. 3056 )